Frequently Asked Questions
What is 92Bux?

92Bux is an Advertising Hub.

You can Earn and/or Advertise with 92Bux.

How do I earn money?

The basic earning feature of 92bux is viewing ads on a daily basis.

You will earn money and points for each ad you view.

To earn even more, you can upgrade your membership and/or increase your referrals.

What is Purchase Balance for?

Purchase Balance, is money you can spend on 92bux, but you can not cash out.

You can buy all kinds of advertising or referrals, but not memberships.

Memberships must be purchased with a payment processor or can also be purchased using your Account Balance.

Payout Processed Time ?

Its Take some hours 

How many ads necessary to watch?

4 Ads minimum necessary to watch for get referrals clicks

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